Beulah, ND — Dakota Gas

UPDATED: 10/01/2018 – see Change Log

OWNER: Dakota Gasification Company (Basin Electric Power Cooperative)
PROJECT: Ammonia plant, urea brownfield

COST (reported): $2.1 billion in 1984, Great Plains Synfuels Plant
JOB CREATION (reported): 680 permanent — see Job Openings [LINK]
START-UP DATE (reported): 1984 site, 1991 Ammonia

COST (reported): $740 million
JOB CREATION (reported): 60 permanent, 750 construction — see Job Openings [LINK]
START-UP DATE (reported): 2018

Ammonia 355,000 mtpy 400,000 stpy [Membership required] [Membership required]
Units: stpd, stpy, mtpd, mtpy = short/metric tons per day/year.
[1] United States Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Yearbook, Nitrogen gives capacity in metric tons per year, calculated as “engineering design capacity adjusted for 340 days per year of effective production capability,” rounded to three significant digits. Source: most recent year, Table 4: Domestic Producers of Ammonia,
[2] Company website.
[3] [Membership required]. Sources: linked below.
[4] [Membership required]. See Methodology.


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ADDRESS: 420 County Road 26, Beulah, ND 58523, United States



  • USGS: Minerals Yearbook, Nitrogen [RECENT / ARCHIVE]
  • EPA Emissions data: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Large Facilities: BEULAH / GREAT PLAINS GASIFICATION PLANT [LINK]
  • Risk Management Plan: Right to Know Network: Great Plains Synfuels Plant [LINK]
  • Air Permit Documents: ND Health: Permit Portal [LINK]
  • Operating Permit (Title V): ND Health: Dakota Gasification Company – Great Plains Synfuels Plant [LINK], 2016 Title V Permit [PDF]
  • Construction Permit (urea plant): ND Health: Dakota Gasification Company – Great Plains Synfuels Plant [PDF]


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  • 06/17/2018: Grand Forks Herald: Fertilizer plant overcomes early challenges, expands partnerships [LINK]
  • 05/21/2018: OCI press release: OCI N.V. and Dakota Gasification Company Form N-7 Joint Marketing Venture in North America [LINK]
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  • 11/08/2017: Jamestown Sun: Despite Trump’s coal moves, Basin Electric still looking at ways to lower carbon emissions [LINK]
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  • 02/06/2016: Bismarck Tribune: Construction of $500 million urea fertilizer plant hitting its stride [LINK]
  • 01/15/2016: Dakota Gas press release: Equipment arriving and engineering nearing completion at Dakota Gasification Company’s urea project [LINK]
  • 11/20/2015: Dakota Gas press release: Urea project site sees increased activity as facility starts to take shape [LINK]
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  • 09/04/2015: Dakota Gas press release: Report notes ammonia plant actions to improve reliability at Synfuels Plant [LINK]
  • 08/24/2015: AECOM press release: AECOM to provide construction services for Dakota Gasification Company plant [LINK]
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  • 08/07/2015: Basin Electric publication: Urea project construction moves above ground [LINK]
  • 07/17/2015: Basin Electric press release: Urea team meeting has North Dakota flavor [LINK]
  • 06/04/2015: Basin Electric press release: Progress continues on urea project [LINK]
  • 02/06/2015: Dakota Gas press release: Engineering for Dakota Gasification Company’s urea project reaches halfway mark [LINK]
  • 07/25/2014: Basin Electric press release: Teamwork: Keeping urea production project on track [LINK]
  • 04/28/2014: North Dakota Department of Health: Air Quality Permitting [LINK / PDF / PDF]
  • 04/17/2014: Basin Electric press release: Employees travel to Netherlands, Austria as part of urea project [LINK]
  • 01/28/2014: Dakota Gas press release: Dakota Gas approves urea plant near Beulah [LINK]
  • 10/07/2013: Dakota Gas press release: Dakota Gas Evaluates Urea Facility at Synfuels Plant [LINK]
  • UNDATED: Dakota Gas: Great Plains Synfuels Plant, Ammonia Plant [LINK]
  • 09/01/2009: Bloomberg news article: Coal Plant Buries U.S. Taxpayers’ $1.5 Billion Along With CO2 [LINK]

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