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Geneva, NE – Fortigen

UPDATED: 07/21/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Fortigen Geneva LLC (Tetrad Corporation)
PROJECT: Greenfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Under Construction
Fortigen is building a small ammonia plant outside Geneva, NE, to supply fertilizer to local farmers. The project's small scale keeps emissions under most environmental thresholds, streamlining the permit process. The project broke ground in March 2016, for an anticipated start-up by Fall 2017.

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Pasadena, TX — Pallas Nitrogen

UPDATED: 06/30/2016 — see Change Log

OWNER: Pallas Nitrogen Texas LLC
PROJECT: Ammonia plant restart

SUMMARY STATUS: Execution phase
Pallas Nitrogen intends to reassemble an old ammonia loop, built in the late 1970s and last operated in 2004. The original plant was designed to use byproduct hydrogen feedstock, and it will be restarted at an Air Products facility, using pipeline hydrogen. Delayed from its initial schedule, the project now anticipates start-up in 2017.

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Monmouth, IL – Midwest BioEnergy

OWNER: Midwest Ammonia Inc (Midwest BioEnergy Ltd)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning Phase
Midwest BioEnergy is planning a series of small waste-to-ammonia plants at municipal and industrial sites in the heart of the ammonia fertilizer market. The Monmouth plant will be the "proof of concept." Some equity in place; debt financing secured, contingent upon equity investment.

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Freeport, TX — Yara/BASF

UPDATED: 07/19/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Yara Freeport LLC DBA Texas Ammonia (Yara / BASF joint venture)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Construction phase
"65% complete," and on schedule for start-up in 2017. Yara and BASF held a groundbreaking ceremony in July 2015, five months after the companies confirmed their investment decision and announced details of their joint venture relationship, the EPC contract award, and a 20-year feedstock supply contract.

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Rock Springs, WY — Simplot

UPDATED: 08/09/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Simplot Phosphates (J.R. Simplot)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Commissioning Phase
Simplot began building its new ammonia plant in October 2014, adjacent to its existing phosphate fertilizer plant. The project was scheduled to be complete in Q3 2016, but delays pushed expected start-up into mid-2017. The investment is "one of the largest in company history," and will make Simplot self-sufficient for ammonia.

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Kemper County, MS — Southern Company

UPDATED: 03/05/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Mississippi Power Company (Southern Company)
PROJECT: Greenfield power plant, ammonia byproduct

SUMMARY STATUS: Construction phase
Kemper County Energy Facility, a 582 MW power plant, is one of the US DOE's flagship "clean coal" projects. It will produce ammonia as a byproduct of its coal-to-syngas process. The plant has been producing power from natural gas since August 2014, but has experienced profound delays and budget overruns. It isn't operational yet but it will cost over $7 billion.

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Borger, TX — Agrium

Ammonia plant: Borger, TX - Agrium

UPDATED: 04/19/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Agrium
PROJECT: Ammonia-Urea Plant, expansion & urea brownfield

SUMMARY STATUS: Ammonia expansion Cancelled, Urea brownfield Operational
In April 2017, Agrium "successfully commissioned" its brownfield urea plant at Borger, which had been under construction since March 2014, more than a year behind schedule and 10% over budget. An expected debottleneck of the ammonia line was cancelled in 2015.

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Dodge City, KS — Koch Industries

Ammonia plant: Dodge City, KS - Koch Industries

UPDATED: 12/11/2015 — see Change Log

OWNER: Koch Fertilizer Dodge City LLC (Koch Industries Inc)
PROJECT: Ammonia-UAN plant, expansion

SUMMARY STATUS: Project phase unknown
In operation since 1968. In 2012, Koch Industries announced potential "production enhancements" at this and other sites, but since then has not confirmed any details about capacity expansions at Dodge City.

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Enid, OK — Koch Industries

Ammonia plant: Enid, OK - Koch Industries

UPDATED: 04/13/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Koch Fertilizer Enid LLC (Koch Industries Inc)
PROJECT: Nitrogen fertilizer plant, ammonia expansion, urea brownfield

SUMMARY STATUS: Construction Phase
Koch is expanding its Enid plant, the "single largest project investment in company history," increasing capacity on both ammonia lines, debottlenecking the existing urea plant, and building a new urea plant. Ground-breaking took place in October 2014; the project is slightly behind schedule, with start-up expected in 2017.

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Faustina, LA — Mosaic Company

UPDATED: 03/14/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: The Mosaic Company
PROJECT: Ammonia plant debottleneck and brownfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning phase
Mosaic is choosing between a debottlenecking project or an emissions reduction project at Faustina. In October 2013, Mosaic abandoned plans for a $1.1 billion ammonia brownfield plant, because it became "unnecessary" after Mosaic acquired CF Industries' phosphate operations.

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Fort Dodge, IA — Koch Industries

Ammonia plant: Fort Dodge, IA - Koch

UPDATED: 08/08/2016 — see Change Log

OWNER: Koch Industries
PROJECT: Ammonia / UAN plant, potential expansion

SUMMARY STATUS: Project phase unknown
In operation since 1967. In 2012, Koch Industries announced potential "production enhancements" at this and other sites but, since then, has not confirmed any details about capacity expansions at Fort Dodge.

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Wever, IA — OCI

UPDATED: 04/27/2017 — see Change Log.

OWNER: Iowa Fertilizer Company (OCI NV / Orascom)
PROJECT: Greenfield nitrogen fertilizer plant

OCI announced the start-up of the ammonia plant in April 2017, but the downstream plants still aren't operational. Despite its first mover advantage, the Wever plant was almost two years delayed and more than a billion dollars over budget. OCI wants to do mergers and acquisitions but isn't having much success: its proposed merger with CF Industries failed in 2016; its buyout of subsidiary OCI Partners LP failed in April 2017; we'll see what they try next.

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