Category: Ammonia Plants

Tuscola, IL — Cronus Chemical

UPDATED: 06/13/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Cronus Fertilizers (Cronus Chemicals LLC)
PROJECT: Greenfield ammonia/urea plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Financing phase
Awaiting financial close, before project is confirmed and construction can begin. Cronus is "still making progress" and now hopes to break ground in 2017, although this has been repeatedly postponed over the last few years.

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Mt Vernon, IN — Midwest Fertilizer

UPDATED: 03/09/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Midwest Fertilizer Company LLC (Fatima Group)
PROJECT: Greenfield nitrogen fertilizer complex

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning phase
Little forward progress seen since January 2016, when the EPC contract was awarded - but that was tarnished by a corruption scandal and terminated in December 2016. Construction was supposed to begin in mid-2016 for a 2020 start-up; now hoping for groundbreaking in 2017. Modified air permits will likely be awarded soon, but everything depends on reaching financial close, which now depends on getting a new EPC contract.

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Rockport, IN — Ohio Valley Resources

UPDATED: 07/09/2016 — see Change Log

OWNER: Ohio Valley Resources
PROJECT: Greenfield nitrogen fertilizer plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Financing Phase
Air permit granted, September 2013, and extended, March 2015. Two major companies awarded FEED and EPC, December 2013. Financing MOUs in place with foreign investors, February 2014. Nothing public since. "Finalization of project financing has delayed project construction." Any announcement of a new project sponsor - or project abandonment - is unlikely until the status of other, nearby greenfields is confirmed.

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