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Download: Salient Ammonia Statistics (USGS)

UPDATED: September 2017 with data from USGS Mineral Yearbook Nitrogen, 2015 advance release tables

This excel spreadsheet contains selected raw data from 59 years of US Geological Survey reports, specifically Mineral Yearbook, Nitrogen (1958 - 2014) and Mineral Commodity Summaries (1996 - 2016), with a focus on "Table 1: Salient Ammonia Statistics."

The download (.xlsx, 95KB) contains unbroken annual data series (58 years) for US ammonia production, consumption, imports, and exports, as well as total global ammonia production.

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Download: Ammonia Capacity in North America

Download the data that drives this website.

This excel spreadsheet (.xlsx, 111KB) contains data for every ammonia plant in the US and Canada, as well as every announced new plant, restart, and expansion project.
NOTE! from October 2016, also includes plants in Trinidad & Tobago.
NOTE! from November 2016, also includes plants in Mexico.

An updated version of this file will be available in the coming months.

UPDATE: November 1, 2018

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  • 71 rows of data, one for each ammonia plant in North America (existing & proposed), including Canada, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobago, and US.
  • 17 rows of data, one for each cancelled ammonia expansion project
  • Total new capacity, by year
  • Total capacity, cumulative
  • Column headers, with filters


  • Plant (location)
  • State
  • Owner
  • Data Updated
  • Country
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • New Type (expansion, restart, greenfield, brownfield)
  • Latest Capex ($,000)
  • Start up Year
  • Phase (concept, planning, execution, construction, operation)
  • Likelihood (TB’s opinion)
  • Feedstock
  • End Products
  • USGS 2013 Capacity
  • Stated Capacity
  • Source (for Stated Capacity)
  • Current Capacity
  • New Capacity (column for each year, 2016 to 2022)
  • Total Capacity
  • Notes
  • Link (for more data / updates)


Ammonia Plants in North America (.xlsx) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
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