Cheyenne, WY — Dyno Nobel

UPDATED: 07/23/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Dyno Nobel (Incitec Pivot Limited)
PROJECT: Nitrogen production complex

COST (reported): None given
JOB CREATION (reported): 169 permanent — see Job Openings [LINK]
START-UP DATE (reported): 1965

Ammonia 178,000 mtpy [Membership required] [Membership required]
Units: stpd, stpy, mtpd, mtpy = short/metric tons per day/year.
[1] United States Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Yearbook, Nitrogen gives capacity in metric tons per year, calculated as “engineering design capacity adjusted for 340 days per year of effective production capability,” rounded to three significant digits. Source: most recent year, Table 4: Domestic Producers of Ammonia,
[2] Company does not publish capacity data.
[3] [Membership required]. Sources: linked below.
[4] [Membership required]. See Methodology.


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ADDRESS: 8305 Otto Road, Cheyenne, WY, 82001, United States



  • USGS: Minerals Yearbook, Nitrogen [RECENT / ARCHIVE]
  • EPA Emissions data: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Large Facilities: Cheyenne Plant [LINK]
  • Risk Management Plan: Right to Know Network: Dyno Nobel, Inc. – Cheyenne Plant [LINK]
  • Operating Permit (Title V): Wyoming DEQ Air Quality Division, Title V Operating Permit Program [LINK] / Dyno Nobel Inc. Title V Permit, 2017 [PDF]


  • 07/07/2017: Incitec Pivot investor presentation: Company Overview [PDF]
  • 11/18/2016: Incitec Pivot: Annual Report 2016 [PDF]
  • 11/07/2016: Yahoo Finance: Incitec Pivot 2016 earnings call transcript [LINK]
  • 2016: Agrium Fact Book 2015-2016 [PDF]
  • 04/17/2013: Incitec Pivot investor presentation: Louisiana Ammonia Plant [PDF]
  • 04/24/2008: Koch Nitrogen press release: Koch Nitrogen enters into an agreement with Dyno Nobel to produce UAN [LINK]
  • 04/01/1965: The Sundance Times: Colorado Interstate Gas Company advertisement [LINK]


  1. Darrell says:

    I was wondering if it would be possible
    to get a picture of my truck or trailer used with the banner an crew back in March of 2013 which was in the photo shoot of the
    opening of the DEF site! Myself and one of the crew were up on the catwalk above the trailer when the pics were taken. Would be nice to have a pic! I am with PIlot and am a regular customer I practically live their im their so much lol anyway thought I would ask! Thanks for keeping me busy with the DEF facility convenience Darrell

    • Trevor Brown says:

      Hi Darrell, I’m afraid I’m probably the wrong person to ask – you should try asking the Dyno Nobel guys at the plant – I’m sure they’ll have it.

  2. Kevin D Reese Sr says:

    Is there a contact at the plant I could send a company brochure too? I am interested in trying to get on the plants bid list for plant repairs.

    • Trevor Brown says:

      Hi Kevin,

      I’m the wrong person to ask – you’d need to contact the plant for that. The Dyno Nobel website gives very little guidance for contact details.

      Good luck,

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