David Asbridge, NPKFAS: 5 plants, 4.8 million tons ammonia

“We only expect five of those plants to actually get built … The world does not need 20 new fertilizer plants.”

Thus spake David Asbridge, president and senior economist, NPK Fertilizer Advisory Service, quoted yesterday on www.midwestproducer.com

He expects the two expansions by CF Industries to be at the top of the list [Donaldsonville and Port Neal] …

He expects the fertilizer plant in Wever by Orascom Construction Industries, based in Cairo, Egypt, to get built. He said they are far enough along in the process as some construction has already started at the location.

Asbridge said the total ammonia production from the five plants he expects to be built would be 4.8 million tons per year. However, he expects most of the ammonia to be used to make urea or UAN. He predicts 6.5 million tons of urea and 2.8 million tons of UAN to be made out of the ammonia. Some leftover ammonia will be sold.

The full article is here.

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