Download: Salient Ammonia Statistics (USGS)

UPDATED Nov 2016: now includes data from USGS Mineral Yearbook Nitrogen, 2014 (published 11/2016)

This excel spreadsheet contains selected raw data from 59 years of US Geological Survey reports, specifically Mineral Yearbook, Nitrogen (1958 – 2014) and Mineral Commodity Summaries (1996 – 2016), with a focus on “Table 1: Salient Ammonia Statistics.”

The download (.xlsx, 95KB) contains unbroken annual data series (58 years) for US ammonia production, consumption, imports, and exports, as well as total global ammonia production.

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All this data is publicly available, in 60+ separate PDF files, from the USGS website.

This excel file also includes data, when provided by USGS (partial datasets), for the following: US capacity utilization rate, company count, plant count, average product price, average natural gas price, and net import reliance, among others.

In addition, it includes the total US ammonia capacity, presented in Table 4 of the Mineral Yearbook (partial dataset 1958-1978, unbroken data 1979-2013).

I’ll update this spreadsheet whenever USGS publishes new data (next expected: 2017).

To avoid confusion, the spreadsheet presents data given in metric tons separately from data given in short tons. In addition to the raw data, the file includes rows of data with unit conversions, creating consistent, usable data series (unit conversions: short/metric tons, and containted nitrogen/product tons).

Note that USGS’s “Salient Ammonia Statistics” series extends further back than 1958, however, older data is presented under a different methodology and is not comparable.

This download and the data it contains are provided “as is.” I don’t believe there are any errors but, if you identify one, please contact me so that I can correct it.

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