Greenfield progress in Tennessee, Indiana, and Illinois (all about water)

Summary of recent progress at greenfield sites, part two.

Cronus Chemicals – getting its ducks in a row

There’s still no confirmed location for the proposed $1.2 billion Project Cronus greenfield – it could be Illinois or Iowa – but new records shed light on a few details.

A draft contract [PDF], published by the local sanitary district in Illinois, outlines terms-in-development for the purchase of wastewater — up to 6.3 million gallons per day for 20 years. Local news picked this up in both locations.

In Illinois, The News-Gazette:

“It appears that they would like to have all of their ducks in a row before they make a site announcement,” said [Urbana & Champaign Sanitary District] executive director Rick Manner. “I’m not expecting a site announcement for a while. We are one of the ducks that they’re trying to get in a row.”

And in Iowa, the Mitchell County Press News:

Cronus spokesman David Lundy said the project is taking a long time to come together because of the many details being worked out by officials with [the] newly-formed firm. The draft contract with the sanitary district is just one example …

“In a project of this size, there are thousands of details that make for a successful project,” Lundy said in an email. “Before final decisions are made, Cronus is working to ensure this project is positioned for success.”

One part of the project is, however, under construction – its website – as it has been for at least the last six months. UPDATE 03/05/2014: Cronus has now launched its website.

See the updated page for Project Cronus.

US Nitrogen – under construction, no water permit

US Nitrogen broke ground on its greenfield ammonium nitrate plant two years ago, for an anticipated start-up in March 2014. A couple weeks ago they filed a new water permit application, seeking 1.45 million gallons per day. Work will continue and there are no unmovable obstacles, but I don’t see that the plant will be running this year.

See the updated page for Greeneville, TN.

Ohio Valley Resources – waiting on the weather

Doug Wilson, OVR’s CEO, spoke at the Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation annual luncheon at the end of January, and his comments were picked up in the local press.

In the Spencer County Journal:

OVR is nearing a time when they plan to start construction of that facility. Wilson said the only thing holding that progress is a break from the cold weather. Work is expected to begin this spring.

And on a local radio station:

“You also have the Ohio River that’s one mile from the plant location. This product can move to international waters from the Ohio River, so its location as far as moving the product is first.”

See the updated page for Rockport, IN.

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