Market share in North America: with mergers, and without

Two major mergers have been announced in the last seven days – CVR Partners with Rentech, and CF Industries with OCI.

It’s fair to say that the competitive landscape for ammonia will soon change, but you could look at both these transactions as companies running fast to stay still.

Any gain in market share caused by each merger is likely to be short-lived, because there are no less than 15 expansion projects already under construction, with more yet to get underway.

Any market share projections that fail to take these expansions into account will be short-sighted, so I’ve put together some charts, derived from my database, which I hope explain the situation.


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  1. Brian K Reynolds says:

    Hello Trevor
    I am a new member to Ammonia Industry and find your intel very informative. As a supplier of analytical equipment to many of the companies on your radar I find it very valuable to see the landscape of North America evolve with mergers over the years.
    The associated engineering firms you mention are also valuable to my products position in this important industry.
    I have seen many industry reports over the years and can say I am impressed with your timely content. Nice work.

    Brian Reynolds
    National Sales/Product Manager
    Analytical Products
    Flexim Americas

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