More ammonia expansions, in the pipeline

More ammonia capacity expansions are coming, judging by comments in the latest earnings reports from KBR and ThyssenKrupp.

In KBR’s Q1 2015 Earnings Call (listen online at KBR or read the [very poor] transcript at SeekingAlpha), KBR CEO Stuart Bradie tells us:

“We just received a significant order for license basic engineering and pre-FEED for work of series of ammonia revamps that will come through in Q2 bookings.

We’ve also just been awarded a technical services agreement that leads to I guess source EPC pricing for another grass roots ammonia plant in midwest U.S. which is valued around about a $2 billion opportunity.”

I have some ideas about who might possibly want a “series” of revamps, but can’t immediately do more than guess the extent of the capacity increases we might expect from those projects.

There’s a very short list of potential $2 billion ammonia-urea greenfields in the Mid West …

The news from ThyssenKrupp / Uhde is even more offhand and opaque, but takes us further into the future:

“Lively demand and project initiations reflect [a] promising pipeline for [the second half of 2015] … interest for fertilizer & polymer plants esp. from US continues; but short-term uncertainty about oil / gas prices delays projects.”

See ThyssenKrupp’s Q2 2014-15 Presentation [PDF] if you want, but there’s scant further information about ammonia in North America.

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