Mt Vernon, IN — Midwest Fertilizer

UPDATED: 05/01/2018 — see Change Log

OWNER: Midwest Fertilizer Company LLC (Fatima Group)
PROJECT: Greenfield nitrogen fertilizer complex

COST (reported): $2.8 billion
JOB CREATION (reported): 185 permanent, 2,500 construction
START-UP DATE (reported): 2022

Ammonia 2,200 mtpd [Membership required] [Membership required]
Units: stpd, stpy, mtpd, mtpy = short/metric tons per day/year.
[1] United States Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Yearbook, Nitrogen gives capacity in metric tons per year, calculated as “engineering design capacity adjusted for 340 days per year of effective production capability,” rounded to three significant digits. Source: most recent year, Table 4: Domestic Producers of Ammonia,
[2] KBR press release. Sources: linked below.
[3] [Membership required]. Sources: linked below.
[4] [Membership required]. See Methodology.


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ADDRESS: Intersection Old SR 69 and Mackey Ferry Road East, Mt. Vernon, Posey County, IN 47620, United States



  • USGS: Minerals Yearbook, Nitrogen [RECENT / ARCHIVE]
  • Air Permit documents: Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Air Quality Permit Status Search [LINK / Title V Permit PDF]
  • Water Permit documents: IDEM, Water Quality Certification [LINK / PDF]
  • EMMA (Electronic Municipal Market Access): Midwest Fertilizer Company LLC municipal bond documents [LINK]


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  • 11/13/2015: Midwest Fertilizer Plant groundbreaking expected in Dec [LINK]
  • 10/26/2015: The Bond Buyer: Indiana Fertilizer Plant Plans Another Remarketing [LINK]
  • 07/15/2015: Construction for new Posey Co. fertilizer plant set to begin this fall [LINK]
  • 06/27/2015: Construction expected later this year on Posey Co. fertilizer plant [LINK]
  • 04/10/2015: The Express Tribune (Pakistan): Key decisions: ECC approves 23-year tax holiday for Gwadar Port [LINK]
  • 04/09/2015: The Express Tribune (Pakistan): Bilateral ties: US concerned over law regulating foreign-funded NGOs [LINK]
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  • 02/19/2015: The Express Tribune (Pakistan): Raising finance: Govt gives green light to Arif Habib Group [LINK]
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  • 04/23/2014: The Tribune (Pakistan): Fatima Fertilizer mops up dollars for investment in US plant [LINK]
  • 04/09/2014: The Courier Press: Pence says Indiana will reopen economic incentive discussions with Midwest Fertilizer [LINK]
  • 01/22/2014: 14 Concerns surface over possible Native American mounds on fertilizer site [LINK]
  • 12/19/2013: KBR press release: KBR Ammonia Technology Selected for New Fertilizer Facility in Indiana [LINK]
  • 12/17/2013: Jacobs Engineering Group press release: Jacobs Awarded Contract by Midwest Fertilizer [LINK]
  • 10/10/2013: Courier Press: Fertilizer company searched for months before choosing Posey County [LINK]
  • 06/19/2013: Courier Press: Posey County reissuing fertilizer plant bonds [LINK]
  • 05/17/2013: Indiana Governor’s Office press release: Governor Pence Withdraws State Incentives for Midwest Fertilizer Company for Posey County Project [LINK]
  • 05/17/2013: Indiana Economic Development Corporation letter to Fatima Group [PDF]
  • 02/01/2013: Indiana Governor’s Office press release: Governor Pence Suspends State’s Role in Posey County Economic Development Project [LINK]
  • 01/15/2013: Indiana Economic Development Corporation letter to Fatima Group [PDF]


    • Trevor Brown says:

      No updates on financial closure yet, as far as I’m aware. I did hear there might have been some delays, so I’m just waiting for further announcements. Doesn’t surprise me that it takes a while.


    • Trevor Brown says:

      Hi Doug,

      2020 is currently accurate, yes, but that’s assuming the project reaches financial close and gets built, which isn’t guaranteed. Think of 2020 more as an “earliest” than any kind of firm completion date.

      There was an EPC contract with TKIS, but that is presently being renegotiated so – no, there’s no EPC contractor currently confirmed.

  1. Farrukh Mehmood says:

    There have been so many rumors roaming around in market about delay in this project and infact final selection of EPC contractor.

    Is there any authentic news about exact execution timeline and final setting of terms in between Company and state of Indina?

    Wish good luck to investors!

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