Rock Springs, WY — Simplot

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OWNER: Simplot Phosphates LLC (J.R. Simplot Company)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

COST (reported): $350 million
JOB CREATION (reported): 40 permanent, 750 construction (peak), +237 permanent at existing site — see Job Openings [LINK]
START-UP DATE (reported): 2017

Ammonia 600 stpd [Membership required] [Membership required]
Units: stpd, stpy, mtpd, mtpy = short/metric tons per day/year.
[1] United States Geological Survey (USGS) Mineral Yearbook, Nitrogen gives capacity in metric tons per year, calculated as “engineering design capacity adjusted for 340 days per year of effective production capability,” rounded to three significant digits. Source: most recent year, Table 4: Domestic Producers of Ammonia,
[2] Company press release. Sources: linked below.
[3] [Membership required]. Sources: linked below.
[4] [Membership required]. See Methodology.


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ADDRESS: 515 South Highway 430, Rock Springs, WY 82902, United States



  • USGS: Minerals Yearbook, Nitrogen [RECENT / ARCHIVE]
  • EPA Emissions data: Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Large Facilities: Simplot Phosphates [LINK]
  • Risk Management Plan: Right to Know Network: Simplot Phosphates LLC [LINK]
  • Operating Permit (Title V): Wyoming DEQ: Simplot [LINK] / Title V Permit, 2014 [PDF]
  • Construction Permitting: Wyoming DEQ: Rock Springs Ammonia Facility [LINK]


  • 07/26/2017: Idaho State Journal: Simplot CEO visits Pocatello [LINK]
  • 03/28/2017: Wyoming Business Report: Southwest digs out of cold, wet winter [LINK]
  • 07/07/2016: Sweetwater Now: J.R. Simplot Company and Linde Engineering North America Achieves 1 Million Man-Hours Without a Lost Time Injury [LINK]
  • 04/21/2016: Wyoming Business Report: Simplot expansion will open up 40 new jobs [LINK]
  • 12/04/2015: Wyoming Business Report: J.R. Simplot to pay nearly $43M to clean SO2 pollution [LINK]
  • 12/03/2015: Sweetwater Now: J.R. Simplot Company to Reduce Emissions at Sulfuric Acid Plants in Three States [LINK]
  • 10/07/2014: Linde press release: Linde Engineering North America building ammonia plant for J.R. Simplot [LINK]
  • 10/06/2014: Simplot press release: J. R. Simplot Company to Build New Ammonia Plant in Rock Springs, Wyoming [LINK / PDF]
  • 06/10/2014: Wyofile: State board splits in approving $350 million Simplot ammonia plant [LINK]
  • 06/03/2014: Wyofile: State ready to green-light Simplot Rock Springs ammonia plant [LINK]
  • 01/08/2014: Sweetwater Now: Possible expansion of Simplot facility discussed [LINK]
  • 07/26/2012: Simplot press release: Rock Springs Expansion [PDF]
  • UNDATED: Simplot facility fact sheet: Simplot Phosphates LLC, Rock Springs [PDF]

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