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Kern County, CA – Grannus

UPDATED: 03/01/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Grannus LLC
PROJECT: Greenfield polygeneration plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning phase
Grannus has been working to commercialize its polygeneration "Eureaka Process" since 2013, when it was a runner-up for Sustainability at the Cleantech Open. In 2015, the company closed its Series A financing, to fund engineering and feasibility work on its commercial-scale demonstration plant in California. In early 2016, Grannus awarded the engineering design contract but, in late 2016, gave the contracts to other companies, and now appears to be moving quickly to commercialize its modular, regional-scale ammonia plant design.

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Gulf Coast, TX — Agrifos / Borealis

UPDATED: 02/13/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Gulf Coast Ammonia LLC (Agrifos Partners LLC / Borealis)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning Phase
In May 2015, Agrifos and Borealis announced their agreement to develop a "world-scale" ammonia plant, for start-up in "early 2019." The location was not announced, but will be on the Gulf Coast, Texas. The plant will use hydrogen feedstock. Borealis intends to have a significant equity stake and a long-term off-take contract for 40% of the ammonia.

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Killona, LA – AM Agrigen

UPDATED: 01/02/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: AM Agrigen Industries
PROJECT: Greenfield ammonia-urea plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning Phase
Project redesigned in 2016, now awaiting EPC announcement and revised budget and schedule. Announced in May 2014, this greenfield had been in development since October 2012, with its water permit approved in August 2015, and air permit approved in April 2015. AM Agrigen had publicly announced almost no details, but permit documents detailed scale and technology licensors. Since then, the project has completely changed.

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Edgard, LA — EuroChem

UPDATED: 03/15/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: EuroChem Louisiana LLC (EuroChem Group)
PROJECT: Greenfield nitrogen fertilizer plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning phase
EuroChem is planning an ambitious entry into the US fertilizer industry, developing one of the largest nitrogen complexes on the continent. The company has announced few details but the vast scale of the project is disclosed in permit documents, most recently including a revised air permit application in November 2016 and a water permit application in December 2016. EuroChem announced a MOU toward an EPC contract in April 2015. Awaiting the full EPC award announcement and a final investment decision from EuroChem's board.

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Kenai, AK — Agrium

UPDATED: 12/20/2016 — see Change Log

OWNER: Agrium
PROJECT: Idle plant, Ammonia-urea restart

SUMMARY STATUS: Planning Phase
Agrium continues to evaluate whether to restart one of the two ammonia-urea lines at its export-oriented plant in Alaska. Originally, in 2013, it had intended to make its investment decision by early 2015. The project received its first environmental permits in 2015 and continued permitting in 2016, as well as garnering state tax incentives in 2016. Agrium's decision to restart the plant is, however, totally dependent on new availability of natural gas from the nearby Cook Inlet, which has not yet materialized. In September 2016, Agrium and PotashCorp announced a potential "merger of equals."

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Penwell, TX — TCEP

UPDATED: 03/08/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Texas Clean Energy Project (Summit Power Group LLC)
PROJECT: Greenfield plant, urea

SUMMARY STATUS: Financing phase
Originally scheduled to be completed by 2014, but severely delayed. New EPC contracts signed December 2015, when financial close was expected in "spring" 2016. This was going to be a major commercial "clean coal" power plant with significant urea byproduct, but DOE effectively killed the project when it suspended funding in mid-2016. The developers are now trying one last idea: ditching power generation and focusing only on urea production.

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