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Victoria, TX — Invista

UPDATED: 06/17/2014 — see Change Log

OWNER: Invista (Koch Industries)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

Invista cancelled this project because it saw no benefit to producing its own ammonia instead of buying it on the open market. Apparently they expect the price of ammonia to fall when the other new plants start up.

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Waggaman, LA — Dyno Nobel

UPDATED: 07/23/2017 — see Change Log

OWNER: Dyno Nobel LA Ammonia LLC (Incitec Pivot Limited)
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

The Waggaman ammonia plant started up in 2016. Construction began in December 2013, they held a "dedication ceremony" in late September 2016, and announced "successful completion of the performance testing process" and "take over [of] management and operation" in October 2016. The project claims to have come in on budget, although construction saw major cost overruns. On the site of Cornerstone Chemical's Fortier plant, "WALA" sells its ammonia to Cornerstone and merchant traders, as well as making Dyno Nobel self-sufficient for ammonia in the US. In 2017, Cornerstone was sold to a new owner.

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