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Fortigen in pre-commissioning phase; ammonia tank setback


Construction is almost complete on Fortigen's new ammonia plant in Nebraska, and "the pre-commissioning stage is now underway,” according to local press. Unfortunately, there was a significant setback on the site at the end of May, when the ammonia storage tank was damaged, which will probably delay full operations by at least a month.

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Geneva, NE – Fortigen

UPDATED: 01/09/2018 — see Change Log

OWNER: Fortigen Geneva LLC (Tetrad Corporation)
PROJECT: Greenfield ammonia plant

SUMMARY STATUS: Commissioning Phase
Fortigen is currently commissioning the small ammonia plant it built outside Geneva, NE, to supply fertilizer to local farmers. The project broke ground in March 2016 and was expected to start-up by Fall 2017, but the schedule became delayed over the summer, when the storage tank was damaged during testing, due to "human error." There is already talk of expanding the site, to add urea and DEF production.

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