TopChem Pollock delayed, but making progress

TopChem Pollock is still working on its ammonia plant restart in Louisiana. However, the air permit process is slowing things down for them, despite their expedited application.

The public comment period has clearly raised some issues, so Louisiana DEQ has scheduled a public hearing in mid-December. This pushes TopChem’s schedule to start construction into 2017 – assuming that the permit get approved and, of course, that the financing is in place.

TopChem on ICOR's website, October 2016
TopChem on ICOR’s website, October 2016
However, I’m very excited to announce that TopChem Pollock finally has an online presence! No, the project doesn’t yet have a website, as far as I can tell, but it does feature as an infographic on the website of its Lithuanian parent company, ICOR.

This is the first time ICOR has acknowledged the project’s existence, which signals something in this commodity down-cycle, when so many investors are leery of moving forward.

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  1. Rick Guillot says:

    I’m excited to know that it’s still on going, I’ve been a Pollock resident for most of my life, 45 out of 56 yrs. I’ve been effected by the oil & gas industry’s downward slope to the point of being laid off after 30 yrs of loyal service and also being away from my family for most of it. My profession is Safety Management and I’m looking for at least another 10 good profitable yrs before I retire or consider retirement. I truly am looking forward to being a part of the construction and operations of the new plant at Pollock,La. Thank you for the update and please keep me posted on any future info…..

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