Unknown Location, TX or LA — Yara/BASF

UPDATED: 05/08/2014 — This page is OBSOLETE now that the location has been announced.

Please see Freeport, TX — Yara/BASF for updated information.

OWNER: Yara / BASF joint venture
PROJECT: Brownfield ammonia plant

New 800,000 2019

NOTE: In October 2013, BASF and Yara announced that they are evaluating a joint venture ammonia plant. Plant location (“Gulf Coast”) and capacity (“world scale”) are yet to be announced. Potential locations include BASF’s existing sites in Louisiana (Geismar) and Texas (Beaumont, Pasadena, Port Arthur). Ammonia capacity and start-up date given here are reasonable guesses. They expect to decide on the plant in Summer 2014.

WEBSITE: http://www.basf.com/group/corporate/us/en/
WEBSITE: http://www.yara.com/


  • 12/17/2013: Wall Street Journal news article: Shale Gas Lures BASF to the US [LINK, login]
  • 10/18/2013: Wall Street Journal news article: Yara, BASF Weigh New US Investment [LINK, login]
  • 10/18/2013: BASF press release: Potential joint ammonia investment [LINK]
  • 10/18/2013: Yara press release: Potential joint ammonia investment [LINK]

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